Dentists with a softer touch

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

If going to the dentist leaves you feeling like you have just gone a few rounds in the boxing ring, perhaps you are doing it wrong! Modern dentistry can be done with much less invasive procedures than the old pedal drill days. Key hole dental cavities means that often fillings can be done with no anaesthetic at all. It depends on what you want to avoid the most:

I want to avoid needles.

No problem. Needle free dental work is possible. Ask your dentist what it's likely to be like and if no needle is needed, then bingo! The advantages are that you remain totally aware of what is going on in your mouth. Plus you get to leave with your face feeling normal. That means you don't necessarily have to wait before eating or drinking. Great for kids too, so they wont bite that sleepy lip.

But I don't want to be aware or feel anything in my mouth!

Numb me please! We have numbing gel to numb the gums. We use minimal amounts of anaesthetic first to numb the site. Then we add more once the area is fully numb. Some procedures like having a tooth removed NEED to be numb. You tell us what you want and we will accommodate.

Just knock me out!

Although we do not offer general anaesthetic for basic dental procedures, we do have Happy Gas. Also known as relative analgesia, nitrous oxide gas alters perceptions and gives a new perspective on what dental treatment is like. For some people it feels like everything is funny, and others just simply feel more calm and relaxed. To see if this might work for you, consider having your teeth cleaned while on happy gas. This not only gets you used to what the gas feels like, but it also lets you get to know your dentist before you embark on bigger procedures.

Are female dentists really more gentle?

Each dentist has their own personality and approach. Gentleness is not an exclusively female trait. Our male dentists are also very gentle - especially Dr Navin Sajnani who is truly a very gentle man. One advantage of having slender hands is that you wont feel like your mouth has been stuffed with a tennis ball! Don't mistake softness for weakness. All of our dentists have the skill and care to provide beautiful restorations as well as remove teeth painlessly.

For a $65 examination, come and see for yourself what a softer touch dentist feels like.