Dental Bridges

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

A variety of bridges are shown here. Some are inexpensive and short term. Others are minimally invasive. Others look great, but require more tooth to be cut away. Your dentist will discuss the best kind of bridge for your teeth.

Bonded Fibreglass Bridge


It’s quick. 1 hour to fit. It looks good. Minimal alteration to existing teeth. Bonded bridge.


Not terribly strong. It may debond or break depending on the bite pressure. It’s thick.

Fibreglass bonded to teeth
A fibreglass thread is bonded to the teeth

Bonded bridge
Composite resin is added to make up the shape of the tooth

Maryland Bridge

Maryland bridge for canine
Minimal intervention bridge with only 2 slots cut


Strong. Minimal teeth preparation. It’s small.


It can break or debond if the bite is very strong. Some metal may show from behind.

Cantilever Bridge with Rest

Bridge on one tooth with rest on molar
Only one tooth was cut to bridge over the gap


Very Strong. Crown prep is only on one tooth, with minimal preparation onto the 2nd tooth.


Crown preparations may carry risk of pulp death, seldom. Some metal may show.

Full Coverage Bridge – Porcelain fused to metal

Full coverage bridge with metal on palate
The bridge is on the right

Porcelain fused to metal bridge
Porcelain fused to metal bridge

Stages in making a bridge
The bridge is on the left


Looks good. Very Strong. Long lasting. Complete tooth coverage = completely white.


Crown preparations may carry risk of pulp death, as more tooth needs to be cut back to fit the full coverage crown.

How much does a bridge cost?

It really depends on the skill of your dentist on how much a bridge costs.

When we talk about cost we can talk about money. But the other cost of cutting away healthy tooth to fit the bridge is possibly more valuable. That's where the skill of your dentist comes in. A dentist with a little engineering nous can cut LESS tooth away causing LESS sensitivity and giving the teeth a better chance of surviving the drill. Heavy handed dentistry can end up causing after pain, toothache and even pulp death.

Ask for Dr Kim Davies to do your bridge preparation for the best long term outcome for the teeth and the bridge.

Price Estimates (as at 2019):

A crown on a single tooth is $1500

A two unit bridge is like 2 crowns. Our fee ranges from $2000 to $3000.

A three unit bridge ranges from $3000 to $4000

Bridges on implants need to be quoted individually, and are slightly more expensive.

This Maryland bridge uses minimal tooth reduction and gives a great result.

Maryland bridge to replace premolar
Minimally invasive bridge, with minimal drilling required

Maryland bridge for premolar
No visible metal. No more gappy smile.

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