Composite Resin Cosmetic Fillings and Veneers

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Composite resin veneers instead of braces

Composite resin is a versatile white material used in dentistry to repair teeth. It is quick, inexpensive, polishes to a smooth lustre and looks like a normal tooth. It is not the strongest material, yet it will achieve good results for around 5 - 7 years. (For more long term options see Crowns and Porcelain Veneers). As it bonds extremely well to enamel, composite resin is a good material to add new shape to teeth without having to remove or reshape the natural tooth.

These before and after photos demonstrate gap closure, aligning the teeth, teeth lengthening, colour lightening all with composite veneers.

For a longer lasting, premium service, see Porcelain Veneers.

Only one tooth was veneered to whiten the entire smile


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