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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Kids need a dentist who understands them, and can relate at their level. Danette Ryan, with over 20 years of experience, is our beautiful oral health therapist who is excellent with children.

Childrens dentist Ballina, Goonellabah
Educating kids about germs is the first step in preventing dental problems

We take time to educate children on:

  • Correct techniques for tooth brushing and flossing.

  • We offer dietary counselling and advice where needed.

  • Fissure seal molar teeth to prevent decay.

  • Provide mouth guards for protection during contact sports.

  • Detect early signs of crowding and offer simple orthodontic treatment or arrange referral to an orthodontist. When problems are detected and treated early, it can save costly orthodontic treatment in later life.

Teaching kids to floss is one huge leap forward in keeping teeth healthy for life.

Children need a lot of attention to help them feel comfortable at the dentist. Parents can help prepare children by playing a dentist game with dolls or teddy bears.

Do your kids have anxiety about coming to the dentist? Does your dentist know how to make kids feel welcome?

Talk about what things feel like – “Scratchy like a fork or wet like a water spray.”

How things taste – “Fluffy like cotton. Like toothpaste. Like rubber gloves.”

If kids do need dental work and need to have a local anesthetic injection, talk about a little pinch like a mozzie bite, and how it will feel floppy afterwards. The more kids feel comfortable about the dentist BEFORE they come in, the better the dentist will be able to treat them.

What age should I start bringing my kids to the dentist?

Medicare currently has a dental scheme where parents on family tax benefit A can have their children bulk billed at the dentist, up to $1000 over two years. Bring your medicare card to see if your children are eligible.

Danette Ryan. Children's dental care
Oral Health Therapist Danette Ryan

Danette Ryan works at Ballina on alternating Saturdays.

More appointments available at Goonellabah Monday's and after school Thursdays. She also works extra days if you need an dentist for kids on the school holidays. Urgent children's dental appointments available on these mornings.

Please call 6681 6680 at Ballina.

Please call 6624 7068 at Goonellabah.

Childrens dentist Northern Rivers
Children's dentist Dr Navdeep Kaur

Check available appointments with Dr Navdeep Kaur in Goonellabah.

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