Affordable Dentistry

Gold $ Teeth Graphic - Bytes Dental Ballina and Lismore

We tend to avoid the dentist for all sorts of reasons, with cost being one of the big ones. You sometimes cannot tell whether what was just done in your mouth was a simple little thing or a very expensive thing.

The hit to the wallet can be more painful than the actual procedure!

That's why at Bytes Dental we take the time to listen to what each patient wants and can afford. We aim to work within individual budgets so that every-one can have a healthy mouth, without breaking the bank. Sometimes a lot of dental work is needed. The conscientious shopper can approach the long list of treatments needed in 2 ways.

1. Use the MAC credit payment plan, which allows credit starting from $5000. Have all the treatment you need and pay off the plan over time.

2. Simply chip away at the dental work, having a small amount done at each visit. The visits can be spaced months apart if needed.

Bytes Dental is owned by a dentist, Dr Kim Davies. Bytes Dental is not a corporate group listed on the stock exchange. We are not here to boost share holder profits. We are simply here to provide honest, quality dentistry to every-one, at an affordable price.

We hope this inspires people to take care of their dental health before it's too late.

It is possible to keep your teeth for life!