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Covid 19 lockdowns: Bytes Dental is open. Any non-urgent routine dental care that can wait will ideally be appointed into the future when lockdown is lifted. For genuine dental need now, we are open at both Ballina and Goonellabah. There are no online bookings right now, so please call us.

Congratulations on making the first step in finding the right dentist for you. Whether you are new to the Byron/ Ballina or Goonellabah area or just need to find some-one who understands your needs, we are here to help. Our female and male, dentists pride themselves in listening to your needs, your concerns, your time constraints and your budget. We cater for all ages from toddlers to the elderly and believe that dental care is important, no matter how old you are. Got a friend who could use a dentist? Please send them this link. We can make bookings right here.

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Cosmetic dentistry

Hygiene and Polishing

Teeth whitening 

Mouth guards

Crown and bridge

TMJ Therapy

Dentists with softer touch
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Childrens dentist at Bytes

Pain relief


Children’s dentist

Wisdom teeth removal

Periodontics / Gum care

Aged care dentistry 

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Amazing dental work
Dentist Chair Art

Fix my pain

Toothache can be one of the most painful experiences. Pain can be caused for a range of reasons including gum infections, a cracked tooth, wisdom teeth and many others. The sooner you can be seen by a dentist the better.


If we are closed however, our after hours emergency dentist number is 047 3374 166.

Fix my smile

Cosmetic Dentisty can be required for a range of reasons, including having yellow teeth, stained teeth, a dark (dead) tooth, discoloured fillings, uneven teeth, gaps between teeth and crowded teeth. 

Talk to us about how we can help you achieve a smile you love.

Fix my broken tooth

Teeth break either from trauma such as a collision, or because there is a weakness in the tooth already. Dental decay is caused by bacteria, but also teeth can become weak after having large fillings over a lifetime. 

Fixing teeth early can prevent bigger problems, such as toothache.

Children's Dentistry

Children need a lot of attention to help them feel comfortable at the dentist. 

Our dentists and therapists have special training in working with kids. Kids love the free computer games and the prize box too! 

Bulk Billing for eligible children under 18yo on medicare's Child Dental Benefit Scheme. 

Our Dentists

Dr Kim Davies Dentist

Dr Kim Davies

Dr Phillida Noronha Dentist

Dr Phillida Noronha


Dr Hilary Knight


Dr Rania El Gana

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Dr Wendy Nguan


Dr Martin Ramlah


Dr Aman Punia


Danette Ryan

Why choose Bytes Dental?

Bytes Dental is owned by a dentist, not a corporate group owned by shareholders. Our treatments are ethically driven towards what the patient needs, not what the shareholders want. We are flexible with our fees to match your budget. From quick fixes to long term solutions, we provide a full range of options. Talk to us about your own options are and what alternatives might be available.

Bytes Dental is a professionally accredited dental practice. We uphold Australian Standards in cross infection control and sterilisation practices. We keep all records confidential and encourage open disclosure between dentist and patient. If our explanations are not completely clear, we invite patients to ask about anything they need clarification on, including costs.

We aim to be pain free, using calming speech and a gentle touch. Numbing gel can reduce any pain from injections. We also have happy gas for those who need a bit of extra happy at the dentist :)

Dentist open Saturdays in Lismore and Ballina. Dentist open at night Lismore and Ballina - Thursdays until 8pm. After hours dentist and emergency dentist Lismore and Ballina 0473374166.

Best Dentist in Ballina

What is the dentist going to do?

Dentists working

Our dentists are professionally trained to provide quality dental treatment. We start by asking about your health and dental background so that you can let us know if there any special circumstances we need to be mindful of. The dental visit will start with a check up where the dentist may take some Xrays. From here the dentist can discuss with you what is going to be needed at a future visit, and the anticipated costs. If there is time to do a cleaning or a filling then this could also be part of the first visit.

For more information on services we provide, click here.

At the end of the appointment you can ask for a written quote at no extra cost, so a plan can be created. We encourage our patients to return every 6 months to have a checkup and cleaning. 

We happily accept ALL Health Funds. Some will charge a gap and others are gap free. Payment is required on the day.

Do you have any anxiety about going to the dentist?

Never fear, Happy Gas is here!

It's normal to have a little anxiety about going to the dentist. Most of this it is related to the fear of the unknown. Is it going to hurt? Will the dentist smell my breath? How much damage is actually in my mouth? 

Rest assured, our trained professionals do this every-day and we have pretty much seen it all before. So don't get self conscious even if its been decades since your last dental visit.

We try our best to make the experience as pain free as possible. Our dentists have a soft touch and will only progress with anxious patients when the patients are ready. We use numbing gel before the needle, and sometimes we can work without a needle.

Happy gas is also available at a fee of $75 per session.

Happy Gas at the denist


Regular check-ups can prevent major problems

Feeling teeth with tongue

We all know we need to look after our teeth, so what is stopping you?

“I have no problems.” Don’t wait until it’s too late. Dental health needs regular maintenance, just like your car needs servicing.


“I don’t have time to go to the dentist.” Bytes is open 6 days including late nights on Thursday evenings.


“It’s gonna hurt.” Neglected teeth can often cause more discomfort than maintained teeth. We aim to make your experience comfortable, and we have numb gel!


“It costs too much.” Surprisingly, regular maintenance will actually save you money compared to expensive treatments that can come when teeth are neglected.

Our TEAM is ready to help!

Bytes Dental Ballina and Lismore

We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to helping all of our patients today and into the future. We have a stable base of local dentists, some of which have been with the practice over 15 years. Our support staff are eager to help, bringing a smile to the workplace. 

Our ADA member dentists are continuously training to improve their skills. We have dentists upskilled in gum care (periodontology), oral surgery (wisdom teeth), children's dentistry and aged care (attending nursing homes). 

Whether the dental treatment is complex dentistry involving multiple appointments or simply a 6 monthly check up and clean, we aim to work within your budget. There is no one-size-fits-all methodology here. Rather, we tailor individual plans to individual people. Ask us for a quote!

Payment Plans are available with TLC. Afterpay is coming soon and Gap Free dental is available for selected health funds.

Fair Healthcare Alliance can also help you find the most suitable private health care insurance for dental.

See the before and after gallery for more of our work

Dark tooth turned white
Dental Erosion Repaired with veneers
Composite resin veneers instead of braces

Note that a phone call during business hours may give you more options as appointments become available throughout the day.

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