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  Tooth Whitening

whitening after


Tooth Whitening

The teeth were whitened by a special mouthguard type tray which holds the gel directly over the teeth. The tray is worn for approximately 30 minutes per day for one to two weeks. It wont happen over night, but it will happen.

We now use POLA - an Australian Made Whitening Gel

  Fell out of a hammock

front tooth


Composite Resin Fillings

Composite Resin is a versatile white material used in dentistry to repair teeth.

It is quick, inexpensive, and looks like a normal tooth. It is not the strongest material, yet it will acheive good results for around 5 - 7 years. See more about Composite repairs, gap closure, aligning the teeth, teeth lengthening, colour lightening and composite veneers.

  Cracked tooth

crown over crack


Porcelain Crowns

When composite resin is not strong enough, then a crown is the best way to strengthen the teeth for the long term. Crowns are extremely strong, long lasting, and look great. Sometimes gold crowns are used too. As long as they are looked after with daily brushing and flossing, crowns can last decades.

See more images of porcelain crowns and veneers.

  Dental Bridge

dental bridge


Dental Bridge

Bridges require teeth either side of the gap to be cut back to support the false tooth. In this case, the tooth with an amalgam filling was cut back to receive the bridge. The large molar at the back had a small notch cut out to allow the bridge to rest upon it. This type of bridge is called a cantilever, with a rest.

Click the image to see another bridge.

  Maryland bridge canine

maryland bridge


Maryland Bridge to replace the canine

A baby tooth was lost here at age 40. The false tooth was bonded onto the premolar tooth (behind the gap) using a metal wing. Click the image to see more details on how 2 vertical slots were cut to hold the wing in place.

  Adhesive bridge

adhesive bridge


Adhesive Bridge

Fibreglass thread can be bonded onto the teeth for cosmetic coverage of the gap. This is not the strongest option, but it can last for a few years.


cosmetic denture


Cosmetic Denture to fix Overcrowded and Drifting Teeth

The extreme overlapping of these front teeth left the patient with few options. It was decided a denture would be the simplest way to achieve a more aestheticly pleasing smile. Despite the fact that her natural teeth were removed, and she was commited to wearing a denture ever after, she was very happy with the result.

Click on the image to see another denture case.

  Bleaching Tooth

internal tooth bleaching


Bleaching - internal

After root canal treatment, this tooth turned dark. It was bleached from the inside out, over 3 separate visits to give a better appearance. Bleaching is unpredictable and sometimes the dark tooth refuses to lighten up. A composite resin veneer would be another option to cover the front of the tooth, and mask the darkness from the outside.


methamphetamine dental repair



Drug use causes prolonged dry mouth which has disasterious effects on the teeth. Combined with a high sugar diet and poor oral hygeine, the damage can be extensive. Although the teeth are temporarily patched up for now, the decay can return with avengance if lifestyle habits do not change.