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Composite Resin Veneers - The affordable, non-porcelain veneers

Rotated teeth rotated teeth veneered  


Instead of braces, these teeth were reshaped and composite resin was used to give the illusion that the teeth were in alignment.
Resin to straighten teeth rotated teeth veneered   This simple procedure takes 2 hours approximately.
derotation rotated teeth veneered  


You could use fixed braces to straighten your smile. But we used composite resin veneers instead. Just one hour later and the two cental teeth are "rotated" into a natual alignment. Much quicker than 12+ months in braces.
broken teeth repaired with composite resin  

Composite Repair

These teeth met the concrete after falling out of a hammock. Luckily our Saturday dentist was able to patch them over with composite resin. There is always a risk of nerve damage after such a blow, and the front tooth on the left ended up having root canal treatment. Following this, crowns were placed.
Close the gap Diastema closure with composite resin  

Closing the Gap

Composite resin fillings were bonded to each tooth to close the gap.
Diastema closure Diastema closure with composite  
Closing Gaps and Whitening with Composite Resin
Cosmetic veneer on lateral incisor  

Resin Veneer

Only one tooth was veneered and yet how bright her smile has become.
Alignment Cosmetic alignment of incisors  


Instead of braces, these teeth were reshaped and composite resin was used to give the illusion that the teeth were in alignment.
Bring life back to a dead tooth Masking the dead tooth  

Composite Resin Veneer

Click the image for more about a dead tooth.


New Veneers Yellow front teeth veneered  

Composite Resin Veneers

Staining of older types of composite does not tend to happen so much with the newer types of composite resin.
Masking Darkness Covering deat tooth with acrylic  

Whitening with Opaque Resin Veneers

No enamel was removed, just plenty of thick resin to cover the pulpless (dead) teeth.
Composite does not last forever Chip teeth repaired with composite resin  

Resin veneers

Chipped teeth can be repaired with composite venners, however they will not last forever. Wear and tear will possibly result in these veneers having to be replaced in 7 - 10 years. Note that the one unbroken tooth on the left is actually a porcelain crown. Crowns last much longer as they are superior to composite resin.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation Overdenture and erosion repair  

Erosion - Acidic foods erode enamel away

Heavily worn teeth need a major overhaul to bring back the bite to the correct height. In this case a denture was placed over the back teeth and the front teeth were built up with composite resin.
Acid Erosion Enamel erosion repair  

Erosion - Acidic foods erode enamel away

In this case it was lemons. Although the teeth are temporarily patched up in composite resin, they will continue to erode away if the lemon consumption does not stop. Other acidic foods include Coke, wine, softdrinks, fruits and juices. Stomach reflux is also extremely acidic.
Leveling the teeth  

Composite Build-Ups

These heavily worn teeth required a complex treatment of composite build ups. The bite was opened wider with a new denture at the back, so there would be room to lengthen the front teeth. The only problem with composite resin is that it is not very strong so the teeth may break in the future. If this happens, then porcelain crowns would be recommended.
Composite Resin Composite resin repairs  

Composite to patch up the chips

Composite was not strong enough to restore the little broken tooth. After it broke off again, it was restored properly with a crown.
recontouring reshape the teeth  

Long in the tooth

Drifting teeth or drooping teeth can be a sign if periodontitis. Your gums support your teeth and when they become weak your teeth can start floating off to space. Professional cleaning by your dentist, as well as strict personal oral hygiene practices will help stabelize your gums. Here the dentist has veneered and filed back the front tooth to create a straight alignment. A thorough scaling has improved the gums, making them stronger.
Composite Veneers  

Overhanging Margins


The edges of veneers need to be highly polished, otherwise plaque can accumulate and cause decay. The new veneers have no snags and floss can glide through with ease.
Veneers White  

Worn out enamel

As the enamel thins out from over-brushing, the teeth can turn yellow. Here composite resin veneers have covered the front 2 teeth and restored their natural colour.
Stubborn stains will come off in a jiffy Scaled teeth  

Scale and Polish

These particular stains are due to Savicol mouthwash. Savicol is an excellent antibacterial agent. This fellow uses Savicol several times a day to relieve his painful ulcers. Savicol has also healed several decay spots without drilling! The unfortunate side effect of Savicol is this brown staining, which can be professionally cleaned away by your dentist.